TOP 15 Automotive Viral Videos of 2013

When it comes to automotive commercial industry, the picture so beautiful and complex! We gathered the most viral and interesting automotive commercials of 2013 and there you have it: TOP 15 Automotive Viral Videos of 2013.

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1. RAM Farmer Commercial

(over 16,8 million views)

2. Jaguar Lana del Ret Burning Desire Music Video

(over 16 million views)

3. Toyota Wish Granted Commercial

(over 16.3 million views)

4. Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

(over 14.8 million views)

5. Honda Hands Commercial

(over 10 million views)

6. Audi – Prom Commercial

(over 10 million views)

7. Mercedes-Benz MAGIC BODY CONTROL Commercial

(over 9,3 million views)

8. Bullheaded Spike Meets The New MINI Commercial

(over 8,6 million views)

9. Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy Ballroom Dancers

(over 6.8 million views)

10. Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy It Comes Standard

(over 5,9 million views)

11. Ferrari LaFerrari Launchfilm

(over 4,7 million views)

12. Honda Illusions – An Imposible Made Possible Commercial

(over 4,5 million views)

13. Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy Staring Contest

(over 3.8 million views)

14. Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna 1989 Commercial

(over 3 million views)

15. Jaguar vs. Chicken Commercial

(over 2,8 million views)

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