LG PRANK: So Viral It’s Scary – Men can’t multitask

LG Electronics Netherlands introduced on 10th of December a new satirical ad, “So Viral It’s Scary”, a parody of scary pranks viral videos. The spin off tests the theory that men cannot multitask. To surprise everyone, LG has turned the prank on itself.

Last year, LG released three pranks: a prank to promote its new 21:9 aspect LED screens (Elevator Prank), a viral video to demonstrate the lifelike image quality of its IPS monitors (Toilet Prank), and a viral ad on the IPS ultra-wide monitor with the “Meteor Prank” .

See all the “So Viral It’s Scary” series here!

So Viral It’s Scary – Men can’t multitask

Elevator Prank

Toilet Prank

LG Meteor Prank

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